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Chris Sellars, Bridge Help

Meet…Chris Sellars, Chief Executive and General Counsel of Bridge Help

It is Chris’ legal and commercial experience that have led to Bridge Help becoming the go-to short term lender for complex property deals which other lenders shy away from.

Bridge Help was established in 2017 by Chris Sellars. The company provides short-term loans of between £100,000 – £3million both direct to lenders and through a broker network for commercial, semi-commercial and residential Buy-to-Let properties, land with planning and refinance for existing loans.

Prior to establishing Bridge Help, Chris was an owner and solicitor at a leading Derbyshire law firm. Having acted for clients in a number of commercial bridging loan deals throughout his 30-year career, he was frustrated at the unnecessary red tape his clients were subjected while trying to access commercial finance quickly. As he says: “I knew I could do things better.”

His desire to do things better, meant that Cathy and the team at Mason Thomas Law were his first choice when it came to providing specialist property law services to Bridge Help.

“When it comes to short-term commercial finance, speed really is of the essence, and I didn’t want any of Bridge Help’s processes to be the reason that any deadline was missed, which is why I work with Mason Thomas Law,” explained Chris.

He added: “Having worked with Cathy in my previous career, I know she is the exception to the rule. She is doggedly determined to get deals over the line on time, will find solutions to problems and, importantly, is contactable throughout the process.”

Acting on behalf of Bridge Help, Mason Thomas Law liaises with brokers and borrowers’ solicitors to ensure that the legal requirements of all parties are met.

Chris added: “Mason Thomas Law shares Bridge Help’s commitment to getting things done quickly, efficiently and correctly.”

Learn more about Bridge Help and its bespoke short-term financing solutions at http://www.bridgehelp.co.uk

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